Book Signing, February 18, 2012


(January 16, 2012, Glassboro, NJ) — Author, Maggie Pajak, and illustrator, Marni Backer, of the new Illustrated children’s book “Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night,” will be onhand to autograph copies of their book at the Deptford, NJ Public Library on Saturday, February 18, 2012 from 11 am to 2 pm. Pajak will also be doing a reading of the book at 12 noon. Refreshments (and jellybeans) will be served. There will also be several fun activities for the kids.

“Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night” is about two boys who share a love for jellybeans. No matter what the flavor, they just love jellybeans all of them. If they had it their way, they would eat jellybeans for breakfast, jellybeans for lunch and jellybeans for dinner. And that’s exactly what they plan to do! It is a brilliant plan, isn’t it?

In 2004 Maggie Pajak first told the story of a boy and his love for jellybeans to her then 2 and a half year old son Matthew.

Her husband, Chris, was deployed in Iraq at the time and this story was the bribe that got her son to sleep in his own bed at night. Sleep was hard to come by as it was. Having a two year old rolling around all night in your bed didn’t exactly bring a restful night either.

Long story short, about a year ago she decided to hire an illustrator, work with an editor and turn that fun bed-time story about jellybeans into a full fledged book.

Appropriately, this book is dedicated “to all the soldiers who are not be able to tuck their little ones into bed with a story at night and to all the little ones who wish they could.”

The book’s graphics are by accomplished children’s book illustrator, Marni Backer. Backer, graduate of the University of Arts in Philadelphia, PA, has several published works, including: “The Lady in the Box,” “La Senora de la Caja de Carton,” “How Did You Grow So Big, So Soon?” and “A Little Bit of Rob.” Her latest work, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night,” debuts Marni’s newest style of illustration.

Published by indie company, Pinwheel Publishing LLC, the book “Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night” (ISBN: 978-0-9848598-0-1) is available for purchase online for $16.99 hardback at It can also be found on Amazon.

Copies will be available for purchase during the book signing and reading at the Deptford Public Library on Saturday, February 18, 2012 from 11 am – 2 pm (credit cards and cash accepted).

You can also find a video sneak peek of the book, before and after images of the book, and more on Facebook at


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