Children's Book 4-8

New Children’s Book for the Holiday’s

All Aboard the Polar Express!

It was three weeks before Christmas. While Author Maggie Pajak and her family stood bundled on the platform awaiting to board New Hope Pennsylvania’s Polar Express, her son mentioned the phrase, “like an elf under cover” in conversation.

Maybe it was because it was so close to Christmas. Maybe it was because she was doing something merry like getting ready to take a train ride, drink hot chocolate and sing Christmas carols. Or maybe it was because she was feeling a bit elf-ish herself (case in point the photo to the left).

Whatever it was … It was in that moment that Elf Under Cover” was born! That very same night (at about 3 in the morning), Maggie Pajak wrote this impishly fun Christmas story.

Elf Under Cover” tells the tale of one of Santa’s elves, Logan Tinsel-foot, just graduating from the North Pole Academy and working his first undercover assignment, case number 200347. This is not your typical assignment. Logan Tinsel-foot is wearing the undercover elf badge that makes him invisible to children. But somehow the child that Logan Tinsel-foot has been assigned to watch CAN SEE HIM!


“Can’t see me,” giggles Elf Logan Tinsel-foot.

“Yes I can, Yes I can! I CAN see you,” shouts the little boy!

The mayhem that follows will leave you giggling too!


Pinwheel Publishing LLC expects “Elf Under Cover” to be released in July 2013. Pinwheel Publishing LLC’s first book release, Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night, brought you clever kids who love jellybeans (all of them) and their plan to eat jellybeans for breakfast, jellybeans for lunch and jellybeans for dinner. It is a brilliant plan, isn’t it?

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